Research schools

The training in or research schools will be diverse and take the form of lectures, tutorials and interactive workshops. All 4 research schools will have a scientific part and a more generic part. This latter will provide our fellows with transferable skills that they may benefit from whatever their future career will be.

All training will be designed to be understandable for fellows from very different scientific disciplines. A major goal of the common research schools is to build a common language between researchers with different backgrounds. This we believe will enable true multidisciplinarity and lay the ground for new ideas and innovation.


Cross-disciplinary training of fellows in a range of different fast prototyping- and cleanroom based micro- and nanofabrication techniques to become knowledgeable and skilled in how to fabricate 3D structures in different materials, miniaturised 3D lab-on-a-chip systems and electronic components for wireless control and communication with the developed sensors and actuators, including system design and modelling.

Transferable skills: Public engagement and responsible research and innovation

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Cross-disciplinary training of fellows in regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapy concepts, stem cell biology, and molecular and cellular biology methods to identify and characterise cellular phenotypes.

Transferable skills: Sex and gender in science and continued public engagement

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Research school 3: Pre-clinical studies and in...


Cross-disciplinary training of fellows in pre-clinical- and in vivo monitoring studies to become knowledgeable and skilled in how to deliver therapeutic factors and neurotransmitters in the healthy and diseased brain, monitor the therapeutic efficacy of cell based interventions in suitable models of nervous system disease, and design and conduct pre-clinical research as a means to prepare for future clinical trials.

Transferable skills: Research management and research history

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Research school 4: Exploitation of knowledge


Training of fellows in innovation management, IPR and exploitation of scientific knowledge and giving the fellows insights to the process of transforming scientific results into commercially viable solutions, incl. pitfalls and possibilities.

The fellows will make posters on their innovation and business plan to be presented at our Training4CRM network conference (public event) scheduled for the end of the project.

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21 AUGUST 2018