Work packages

Work package: Micro- and Nanoengineering

Micro- and nanofabrication of 3D structures, sensors, actuators, lab-on-a-chip systems and electronic instrumentation

Technical University of Denmark, DTU Nanotech

Collaboration with
FelixRobotics, Biomodics and Politecnico di Milano


Training ESRs in the use of a range of different fast prototyping- and cleanroom based micro- and nanofabrication techniques to become knowledgeable and skilled in how to engineer: 

  • 3D structures in different materials and architectures for use as CCS, FDS, OEWs, sensors and/or actuators
  • Perfusion based 3D LOC systems with integrated bioreactors and sensors arrays systems
  • Electronic components for wireless control and communication

Contact: Jenny Emnéus at jenny.emneus@nanotech,

Work package: Biotechnology

Human stem cell technology, cell and molecular biology and artificial tissue engineering 

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa

Collaboration with:
University of Barcelona, Lund University and Novahep AB


Training ESRs in hSC (hiPSCs, hNSCs) production- and differentiation, cell and molecular biology-, and tissue engineering techniques to become knowledgeable and skilled in how to: 

  • Produce and differentiate hSCs into specific neural phenotypes under good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Genetically modify hSCs to stabilize and control developmental stem cell fate choices in vitro
  • Create in-vivo-like artificial tissues and organs.

Contact Alberto Martinéz Serrano at

Work package: Preclinical studies

Lead: Lund University, Epilepsy Center

Collaboration with: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and University of Oslo.


Training ESRs in pre-clinical- and in vivo monitoring studies to become knowledgeable and skilled in how to:

  • Deliver therapeutic factors (incl. neurotrophins, neuropeptides), and neurotransmitters in the healthy and diseased brain
  • Monitor the therapeutic efficacy of cell based interventions in suitable models of nervous system disease, e.g. PD, HD, Epilepsy
  • Design and conduct pre-clinical research as a means to prepare for future clinical trials
Contact Merab Kokaia at

Work package: Education and Training

Lead: University of Oslo, The Oslo Bioimpedance Group

Collaboration with: All


  • To train a new generation of truly interdisciplinary researchers in cell-based regenerative medicine, possessing scientific and transferable skills highly attractive to both the industrial and academic sectors, and capable of being future focal points in CRM
  • To establish a multi-sectorial training and research network that reaches into the future, where academia and industry share and break new knowledge
  • To implement and monitor the Training4CRM training activities.

Contact Ørjan G. Martinsen at

Work package: Communication & exploitation


  • To create a comprehensive communication plan that ensures target-oriented and meaningful dissemination of Training4CRM results to different stakeholders, incl. scientific community, industry, policy makers, end-users and the general public
  • To create an exploitation strategy that secures network wide attention to innovation, IPR and exploitation of both expected and unforeseen Training4CRM results
  • To implement and follow up on the communication and exploitation strategies

Contact Josep Maria Canals Coll at
21 AUGUST 2018